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The Gabizos Sky Race
30 km - 2500 D+

This 30 km route for 2500 m+ will allow you to discover the Val d'Azun in a completely different way by following the different surrounding ridges. You will pass by different peaks such as Berbeillet, Bazès, Pic Arrouy and Omi Agut.

Several kilometers of trails have been reopened and redeveloped to allow you to move from one valley to another between Val d’Azum, Ouzoum, Bergons and Estaing.

Limited to 400 registrants, this race with significant elevation and technical passages requires good preparation and should not be approached lightly. 

Gabizos Sky Race : 3 complete refreshments and 2 water points

  • Km 9.5: Haugarou Refuge  (Solid and liquid)

  • Km 18: Marsous (solid and liquid)

  • Km 23.3: Col des Bordères (solid and liquid)

  • Arrival

Start of the race 7:30 a.m.

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